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8% Nicarbazin + 8% Narasin in a granular premix

Bancox is a potentiated chemical that combines an ionophore and a chemical to prevent coccidiosis in birds. The two components of Bancox have a synergistic mode of action that fights coccidia in two ways, which helps protect birds from all species of Eimeria.

Bancox helps improve bird performance by providing better weight gain and feed conversion, while also safeguarding intestinal integrity by directing nutrients towards growth rather than disease fighting


8% Nicarbazin + 8% Monensin Sodium in a granular premix

DuoPower combines nicarbazin and monensin to control coccidiosis in birds more effectively than either constituent when given alone. Both the constituents act in synergy at lower concentrations than their individual therapeutic dosage levels, reducing the risk of heat stress and improving litter quality. An anticoccidial sensitivity trial showed that the combination of both compounds significantly reduced lesions for all Eimeria species at 40ppm each, whereas neither product alone had the same effect.


15% Lasalocid Sodium in a granular premix

LasOvis is an anticoccidial feed additive for controlling coccidiosis in chickens, turkeys, and minor avian species. It contains 15% lasalocid sodium, a broad-spectrum anticoccidial agent produced by Steptomyces lasaliensis.

Lasalocid disrupts ionic homeostasis, leading to the osmotic lysis of coccidia. LasOvis effectively controls coccidiosis and improves weight gain and feed efficiency. LasOvis is not approved for use in laying birds due to its strong partitioning into fat.


8% Nicarbazin +0.75% Maduramycin Ammonium premix

MegaCOX is found to outperform higher levels of nicarbazin and recommended levels of ionophores in terms of weight gain. It offers broad protection and can be used in summer conditions, making it a convenient year-round alternative for customers. MegaCOX can also be used with common growth promoters.


1% Maduramycin in a granular premix

MaduMax is a monoglycoside polyether ionophore that contains 1% Maduramycin ammonium effective against selective E. spp. It has no negative effects on egg production or quality but can cause growth and feathering issues in high doses. It interferes with ion transport and mitochondrial function in coccidia. Maduramycin is rapidly metabolized and excreted primarily through bile and feces.


20% Monensin Sodium in a granular premix

M-Power is an ionophore that helps prevent coccidiosis and is recommended for rotations during monsoons and winters. By preventing coccidiosis, M-Power improves weight gain and feed conversion, while also preserving intestinal integrity. This allows birds to direct nutrients toward growth instead of fighting diseases and helps them get through critical stages when they are most vulnerable to coccidiosis.


20% Narasin in a granular premix

Narasin is effective against different types of coccidia and is also used to prevent necrotic enteritis in broiler chicken. Neo-Power is an ionophore that effectively controls coccidia and bacterial enteritis to maintain feed intake, improve weight gain, and achieve optimal performance. Neo-Power's efficacy extends into the finisher feed and keeps birds eating, even during months of heat stress when other molecules may decrease in effectiveness.


12% Salinomycin sodium in a granular premix

SalinoVis is an ionophore anticoccidial feed additive that helps control coccidial infection in birds while improving growth and ensuring optimal performance.

Salinomycin disrupts the intracellular ion concentration of the parasite, leading to its destruction. SalinoVis has a coccidiocidal effect on sporozoites and merozoites, impairs schizont development, and minimizes intestinal cell damage. It is the best option in a shuttle program and works well in all seasons.


10% Robenidine in a granular premix

RobiDON comprises of a potent chemical anticoccidial Robenidine Hcl which is a potent Type A Medicated Article specifically formulated for the prevention of caecal and intestinal coccidiosis in broiler chickens. RobiDON has very low toxicity. It provides for an ideal solution for starter program during high coccidiosis challenges. Provides best results when rotated and shuttled with maduramycin and salinomycin.